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Having spent the last 10 years performing SEO and web design for numerous industries, former attorney, Ed Elkins, provides his SEO expertise for all small businesses. For the better part of that time, he specialized in affordable law firm SEO and web design where he used his legal knowledge for the benefit of his clients.

Based in Mesa, AZ, we have succeeded due to the amount of referrals we have been honored to receive. Thanks to those referrals, we aim to help all small businesses in even the toughest niches. 

Ed Elkins
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Work Hard and Play Hard

More than just an SEO Consultant

I’m sure I’m not the only one to find their passion in a completely different field than they expcted. With the goal of being Orlando’s great entertainment attorney, I found myself falling in love with digital marketing, namely website design and search engine optimization (SEO). 

I started my own law firm out of my apartment in Winter Park, FL. With \$100 to invest in my own small business, I learned quickly how to adapt my web design skills to the current times.

I built my first website in 1997 at the age of 13. It was about Ninjas.

With a domain name, WordPress Website, and a $30 book on SEO, I quickly found myself on the front page of Google when someone in Orlando searched for an entertainment lawyer. Then in 2012, I left the legal field ( although I had attorney-clients for my SEO “hobby”) and never looked back. 

After relocating to Mesa, Arizona, I took my love of digital marketing and web design to another level and joined the ranks of a large AZ based domain registrar and web hosting provider where I further expanded my knowledge of digital marketing and web design. Over the years, I took on more small business clients from around the United States within the legal niche either as a freelance SEO consultant or through my law firm SEO agency, LawgOnline. 

Then in 2020, during a global pandemic, I devoted myself and my digital marketing agency to small businesses of all types. Why? Because our community is built by small businesses and, as they’ve served us for so long, it is time to help them during their time of need. 

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Honest SEO and Web Design

We help even the most casual entrepreneur meet and exceed their goals by empowering them to succeed in the realm of their digital presence. We exceed all expectations and deliver on our promise to be the most instrumental digital business partner our clients have.


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