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Innovations in professional web design, social media marketing, and digital marketing in general are at the forefront of many small businesses' minds as they seek to find their audience and grow their following. At Ed Elkins SEO, we're more than a web design company- we empower our clients to become online powerhouses in their industries. 

Some of the most brilliant new website designs are utilizing new CSS3 techniques and HTML5 elements to create truly unique experiences for their customers. The most in-demand website building method though, is still WordPress.


WordPress is the most popular program for running a website. There are millions of WordPress users around the world; some use it for personal blogs, others for business websites, and others for online stores. A big part of WordPress' success comes from its ease of use. It provides a WYSIWYG interface, so you can easily add and edit content, and it offers a library of free plugins and widgets that make it easy to create the kind of site you want, without having to be a coding expert.

In regard to our website design process, we take the WordPress Framework and then build a site tailored to meet your needs. For those small businesses wishing to hire a web designer to utilize a template based website, we are able to assist as well. We take great pride in our mobile device responsive designs. Having a pre-determined theme/template means that your investment in your website will likely be less than if the site was completely custom designed.

We take a different approach to Website Design no matter if we design and build a service website or ecommerce website:

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Web Design For Speed and Security

Website Optimization with Security in Mind

After having worked for one of the largest Website Hosting providers, in addition to one of the top website security firms, Ed utilizes his experience for your safety. Whether this means installation of web security plugins or website access hardening, Ed has your back as a diverse web designer.

WordPress is a powerful and popular Content Management System (CMS), used as a foundation for over twenty percent of the internet. The open source platform is a familiar interface for web developers, but can potentially leave your website vulnerable to hackers, and isn’t as secure as it could be.

Hackers are always looking for weak spots in websites, and they are constantly developing new ways to gain access to the data of site visitors. While your in-house staff may be able to implement basic security measures such as password protection, it’s a good idea to find a trusted partner to manage your website security.

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We help develop your online brand to meet your needs and accelerate your small business growth

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When deciding on a website designer for your business site, it is important to have an understanding of the role of a professional web designer as it compared to a web developer. While often used interchangeably, they are different roles. 

Web designers use software to design the look and layout of a website, usually using a WYSIWYG editor or CMS such as WordPress. This is a rapid process, and is usually done before the underlying code of a website is even built. Web developers, on the other hand, use code to create the underlying structure of a website.

Web Design is the process of creating the design and structure of a website.  The design includes the look, feel and presentation of a website, which is the visual interface of a website. Web design considerations may include visual, usability, functionality, content, technical and business-related aspects.

While it is true that Website Designers often use "Simpler means" of building websites they can understand the necessary coding that is often reserved for developers. That's where Ed Elkins SEO comes into play. A powerhouse with CSS coding, Ed Elkins SEO is able to customize your site design as needed to meet your goals. 

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