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Nestled in the Phoenix Valley just east of Phoenix is a Mesa, AZ. As our home for the last eight years now, we have grown to love the community and are still finding new adventures regularly. Mesa is a large city boasting a population of more than 500,000 people and growing. With many different things to do, we will discuss just some of the great sights and experiences Mesa has to offer. We will discuss different businesses, what they have to provide you with and how that could benefit you as an entrepreneur and small business owner.

If you are new to the Mesa area, it is essential to venture out of your convert zone and make the most of your time here. One of the first things we recommend you do, whether here or in another city, is to reach out to your local chamber of commerce. This allows you to get to know fellow business owners who may be able to offer you more information about the area, the demographics of the city as well as potential referral opportunities. The Mesa Chamber of Commerce is a great organization that offers numerous networking and community involvement opportunities.

We are often asked about useful resources for running a successful business in the area, and we always cite the best places for books in the city. The Mesa Library is an excellent resource of knowledge and participates in the Greater Phoenix Digital Library allowing patrons to download digital copies of books to their e-readers. A favorite of ours has been Bookmans. Located off of Country Club Drive, Bookmans has used books as well as movies, CDs, and video games, often at half the price of new copies. Their business and local sections offer a diverse amount of information covering the most sought-after topics in the niche of your choice. Fun Fact- within the same plaza you will find Samurai Comics. Check them out as well for your comic book needs.

The Arizona Museum of Natural History is also located in Mesa and has dinosaur exhibits in addition to presentations on southwestern history and culture. It is the only natural history museum in the greater Phoenix area. More along those lines are the many beautiful parks in the area. The parks often offer hiking paths, and some even provide fishing.

As a business person in Mesa, Arizona, there are plenty of opportunities to better yourself and enjoy your time here. Make the most of it.