Kovarik Law

Website Redesign and Record Breaking 1st Page Climb

Kovarik Law was an off and on again client for the better part of a decade both for SEO and Webdesign. Due to non-compete contracts with employers, we had to rescind our work with the law firm. After our non-compete ended 11 months later, we began working for the solo practice again and quickly discovered that the website we previously built them was no longer working properly with their website hosting provider. As a result, their Google rankings tanked and competing law firms they once outranked were now on the first page of Google without them.

We worked directly with the practicing attorney to uncover a quick and cost effective method of rebuilding the site on a different hosting platform. For budgetary reasons, we elected to re-build their site in a more cost effective manner. This meant using a website hosting provider’s website building platform. Once built, we began building business directory listings that linked back to their site (citations). We work with the website CMS choices of our clients because, after all, we do not rent the site to them- they own it.

In regard to affordable SEO, we re-built local service area landing pages optimized for their designated service area. The image to the right shows how quickly 1st page Google rankings were achieved for their keyword.

Law firm seo rankings jump