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Great SEO practices should be supplemented by a great paid advertising strategy. Ed Elkins is partnered with Golden Goose Digital Marketing to bring quality online ads to your brand. 

Why Run Ads?

Ads can drive traffic directly to your site on a "pay per impression (ad display)," or "pay per click" basis. Golden Goose uses advanced ad targeting to make sure that your ads are getting to the people that are most likely to turn into sales or leads. They track conversions on your site that are tied to your ads so you always know the impact that your ad campaigns are having on your business.
A good ad campaign results in:
1. Instant traffic to your website
2. More leads
3. More sales
4. Raised awareness about your brand or service
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A Transparent Partnership

Why Golden Goose?

From Search Engine Advertising to the latest in Programmatic Ad Tech, they'll have an ad plan that can get leads or sales for your business. They've worked with small business to help jump-start their sales, and have managed ad campaigns for companies as large as Sprint. 
Ed Elkins and Golden Goose have been working together in various capacities since mid-2020 and are proud to be able to offer each-other's services to their clients. Planning your online presence for optimal success should never be a one-tiered approach. 

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