The Best Things to Do In Mesa, Arizona on Weekend Vacations

Mesa Arizona has a long and interesting history. As one of the original Spanish colonies along the Mexican border, Mesa was established as a summer home of the Spanish soldiers. The American soldiers came and changed all that. They founded the first municipal school in the area and made it what we know today as Mesa.

Mesa is a town just south of Phoenix, Arizona, where there are lots of great tourist attractions. Mesa Grande Shopping Village is a large commercial area with lots of restaurants, movie theatres and gift shops. Mesa Art Museum is home to an actual, centuries old ceremonial landmark, and other artifacts of the Hohokam Indians.

The Arizona Museum of Natural History houses a huge, three-floor mammoth dinosaur collection, plus several other authentic exhibits. There are also several museums devoted to art and history, including Mesa’s Telluride Science Center, the Mesa Historical Society, and Mesa Recording Memories, which will give you a unique look into the lives of Southern Arizona residents in the past. Mesa recording memories allows visitors to listen to recordings from famous movies and television shows. You can go on a driving tour of the Grand Canyon, or visit Cesar Chavez Park. There are also two major year-round festivals in Mesa, both of which draw out thousands of visitors every year. Bike and car rentals are available, as are shuttle services to and from the airport.

A few weeks before your trip, you might also want to check out some Mesa history museums. The two most famous museums are the Mesa Natural History Museum and the Mesa Museum of Art. The former is devoted to everything from Darwin to Native American tribes; the latter features everything from Spanish architecture to Elvis to Native American pottery. You can spend a morning at either of these museums, then spend the afternoon exploring the historical sites and sounds within the area. These two museums make great weekend outings for families, too, since it lets you experience the region on a smaller scale.

Besides the Mesa Natural History Museum and Mesa Museum of Art, there are many other interesting cultural attractions in and around Mesa, Arizona. The parks that make up Mesa offer a variety of activities for people of all ages, from hikers to families to corporate executives. The following are the best things to do in Mesa during weekends:

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it gives you some ideas for places to visit and things to do on your trip to Arizona. If you are planning a trip to Mesa, you will probably find that you have many things to do in and around this city, as well as plenty of great vacation spots to choose from.