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GMB and Local Maps SEO Service

Your local competitors are likely using local SEO strategies to gain the competitive advantage on Google My Business. And if they aren't yet, they will be soon.

Google business listings are often some of the first rankings your customers see when they search. Are you being found there? Try for yourself- next time you are outside of your business location, search for a service you offer and see which businesses are found.

Search engine optimization may be known for taking time, but GMB and Local SEO services are highly efficient and make an impact faster. The issue that most business owners have is that they research the basics of search optimization but there is less information about specialized strategies for local businesses.

It is time you are found by customers in your local community. 

Our GMB optimization and local SEO service not only does the work in optimizing your Google and Bing Business Profiles, but it also provides you with options. 

  • We do ALL of the work on and off your business profile and website to increase local rankings, or
  • We provide you a custom strategy to increase your local rankings which you implement. 
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Grow Your Business

Google My Business Optimization

With increased local visibility online, you can grow your business with a sense of pride. Whether you are a small town insurance agent or a big city divorce attorney, our experience helping local businesses succeed online and in town is greatly diversified. 

Our Local Google My Business Optimization services provide 3 major benefits to each of our clients:

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What To Expect

Our Optimization Process

Our Local SEO Process is comprised of a time-tested process we have used to increase the online visibility of businesses across the nation. While each client's business goals may differ, we work WITH our clients to develop custom strategies both on and off-site that help support higher rankings on Google and Bing Maps.

Discovery: During our initial stage of working with you, we get to know your businesses, its ideal clientele, industry regulations (if any) regarding online marketing, and budget. 

Audit: During our audit process we review the many factors and signals that the search engines review when ranking your business profile locally. We also review the performance of your direct competitors and the "Why" behind their rankings as well.

Strategy Customization: Here, we develop an action-based strategy to increase your local rankings and visibility for topics/keywords that should be ranking for but currently do not. Strategies include edits to your Google My Business/Bing Place profiles, on-site changes and off-site optimization. 

Implementation: During implementation, we get to work increasing your visibility using your custom strategy  WHILE you reap the rewards. While some changes may be straight forward and simple, others make require your assistance or input. We offer monthly strategy implementation sessions with you each month so you know what work will be done during the month. 

Review Results: What good is a strategy without measurable performance indicators? During our monthly review with you, we analyze ranking results as well as increased customer interaction with your business. 

Pivot: As local search algorithms are updated, so to must we do the same with your custom search ranking strategy.